Welcome to spring – and what a 12 months it has been since March 2020.

  • Along at the Village Field we have for several years been considering the idea of illuminating the entire bank between the main lower field and the sports pitch with an array of colour. With a carefully selected range of bulb species (we have experts on this topic in the village!) we have now developed a plan.
  • Please take a look at the attached plan which sets things out. In simple terms the idea is to have various ‘zones’ coloured in a variety of different flowers – planted to a layout which should ensure colour during as many months of the year as is possible.
  • Clearly a project of this detail has required some careful planning, will require procuring quality bulbs, has a level of preparation and then….a lot of planting! Followed by some careful cutting back at the right time following flowering.
  • The Field Committee are really keen to get this project going. Quite quickly if possible so that we can even enjoy some blooming displays this autumn!
  • But we need some help from those interested and able to assist – on two fronts in particular.
  • Firstly we would really appreciate donations to assist us in buying the bulbs and to help pay for bank preparation in readiness for the planting – as well as its subsequent upkeep.
  • Secondly we will need to hold various ‘planting parties’ (compliant with whatever Covid-19 constraints are in force at that time) to sink the hundreds of bulbs into the ground.
  • Therefore this is an open invitation to you to support this village project, which we think will really enhance what we have developed over the last 10 years.
  • Please register your interest in supporting this (financial and/or planting time pledges) – by in the first instance emailing:
  • Or if you have would like to discuss the project further then please contact any of the committee; John Banks, Bob Beale, Chris Clarke, Dave Ellison, Alan Hooley, John Purcell.

Kind regards, Dave Ellison (07791-748967)

Donations to the planting scheme can be made by bank transfer to:

Account: Tickenham Field Committee Account No.: 71455028 Sort Code: 40 17 50

Add your surname and amount to the reference: Smith£20 and we would like you to email us: tickenhamvillagefield@virginmedia.comtelling us you made the donation so we can properly thank you.