Dear Volunteer
If you have supplied us with an email address, I write to thank you for volunteering to help those who need assistance in Tickenham.

To date, 28 volunteers have volunteered to help with shopping, obtaining prescriptions or chatting to those who are isolating on the phone.  We are lucky that our volunteers include those who have some experience of counselling so that we cam provide assistance that goes beyond physical needs.
We have set up a new page on the Tickenham Village website called COVID-19. Use this link to view it:  A rough map has been produced showing the approximate locations of volunteers in and around Tickenham.

We hope to update the web page as events unfold.
We have also worked on procedures to ensure that volunteers have guidance as to what is expected of them when they provide assistance. I have copied below part of these procedures applicable to obtaining shopping and prescriptions.


a.    Wash hands to Corona virus specification (20 seconds)

b.    Undertake shopping. Pay by card.

c.    Take copy of receipts using mobile phone or camera and send via email or WhatsApp or paper (not preferred) to Vena Prater at

d.    Wash hands to Corona virus specification (20 seconds) prior to delivery to resident

e.    Phone to tell resident you are coming (you may receive further requests for help at this point, if so, add to your records). Tell them the cost but state that payment will be sorted at a later stage – we do not want volunteers handling money.

f.    Leave shopping on door step with receipt

g.    Keep your distance

h.    Wash hands to Corona virus specification (20 seconds)

i.     Complete records.

j.     Claim money back from Parish Council (see c. above)