Dear Volunteer

Thought it was about time, I sent you an update on the Tickenham COVID-19 Voluntary Assistance scheme, so here it is:
1. We have 31 volunteers who came forward to help those who require assistance.
2. We have assisted 14 residents of Tickenham, mainly obtaining prescriptions.
Many thanks again for volunteering.


Whilst writing, can I ask you consider downloading an app onto your smartphone to help slow the spread of #COVID19 and identify at risk cases sooner by self-reporting your symptoms daily, even if you feel well 🙏🏼. Download the app

See message from Professor Tim Spector, below:


My name is Professor Tim Spector and I’m one of the lead scientists at King’s College London behind the COVID Symptom Tracker app. 

First, thank you for downloading the app: over 2 million people have contributed how they feel. This has already given us valuable data to help us track the disease’s progress, identify new symptoms and risk factors, and most importantly slow its spread.

Through Health Data Research UK (the national institute for health data science) we are making the data available to local government and the NHS so they can support your community. The Welsh and Scottish governments have just announced an urgent appeal for the public to download the app and share how they feel.

COVID near you
Furthermore, teams of data scientists at ZOE and King’s College London have built a model to predict which areas of the country have the most symptomatic COVID. 

If you’re curious to see our map, click here to find out how COVID has affected your area. Please help us to include people aged 70+ in these maps by encouraging older friends and family to download the app.

Is lockdown working?
We think so.
The team and I have done our own analysis on isolation – you can read it here. It is more important than ever to stay at home, so we can beat this virus together.

How long will this last?
Finally, register to join our upcoming webinar this Wednesday at 5pm BST/12pm EST to discuss how long we may need to remain in lockdown. 

Stay well, 

Tim Spector & the COVID Symptom Tracker team