Parish Council

The Parish Council has moved. Please visit

Parish Councils are no longer legally able to hold meetings remotely.  Therefore, unless things change, future meetings will be held in the Village Hall.

The Council had decided to change the day of meetings and will now meet on TUESDAY evenings at 7.00 p.m.


If you need assistance with anything Tickenham Parish Council is able to help.  We can assist with

  • Shopping
  • Collecting medications
  • Or just a phone chat if you’re feeling low

Just ring one of the following:   John Banks 07778 519983     Pam Trenchard  856234Ann Loader 07443 598877      Mike Perrott / Lesley Hudswell   854160 Vena Prater 07740 085015 and we will arrange for someone to contact you.

Tickenham Parish Council

Tickenham Parish Council has been in existence for getting on for 100 years and before that the Parish Meeting for a further thirty or forty years! Many things have improved over that time and the Council continues to consider a variety of issues affecting the village, not least planning applications and highways issues. There is much variety and some frustration but being a parish councillor is a commitment to maintaining the ethos of the village.

Tickenham is served by North Somerset CouncilCllr Nigel Ashton is our Ward Councillor and holds a surgery during the monthly Village Market (2nd Saturday of the month) in the village hall committee room, from 10.30am.

Further information:

The parish council meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month in the village hall committee room, from 7.00p.m. The Annual Parish Meeting is held in April and the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council (when it elects its officers) is held in May.

Link to Tickenham Parish Council Facebook page:

A taste of Tickenham past …

1894  First Parish Meeting
1895  Allotment rent is 8s4d (42p) per annum
1918  Request for reduction in rats in village
1923  Election of first Parish Council
1924  10mph speed limit requested
1925  351 parishioners attend Annual Parish Meeting
1930  Problems with water on the road 
1946  Top of Hill Lane has no water, electricity or gas 
1953  TV sets at Village Hut for coronation
1966  Talk of street lighting: residents say ‘no’ 
1972 ‘Gardeners Question Time’ held in village hall
1975  Street numbering of Clevedon Road
1980  Village Field purchased
1992  Tickenham wins Best Kept Village competition

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