NHW Useful Contacts

Useful contacts                Phone                     Website

Western Power em    0800 6783 105   www.westernpower.co.uk

Gas Emergency                0800 111 999             www.wwutilities.co.uk

Crime Stoppers               0800 555 111     www.crimestoppers-uk.org

Victim Support               0808 168 9111     www.victimsupport.org.uk

Action Fraud                0300 123 2040       www.actionfraud.police.uk

Police non-emergency    101             www.avonandsomerset.police.uk

Trading Standards       01275 888787            www.tradingstandards.gov.uk/North Somerset/

(e-mail  )

Citizens Advice Bureau    03454 04 05 06 www.citizensadvice.org.uk

Mailing Prefer Service 0845 703 4599      www.mpsonline.org.uk

Telephone Prefer Service  0845 070 0707      www.tpsonline.org.uk

NHS Direct                               111

Carers UK                            0808 808 7777          www.carersuk.org

Age UK                  0800 169 2081           www.ageuk.org.uk/somerset

Care Navigator Service    01934 888 801      www.n-somerset.gov.uk

Healthwatch N Somerset  01275 851400     www.healthwatchnorthsomerset.co.uk

Nailsea Disability Initiative   01275 812183            www.nailseadisability.wordpress.com

Senior Siren security Advice service     07788 236804                  www.sclt.us

Village Agent                         01275 888803            www.wern.org.uk/village-agents

(Emma Edwards 07967 344661 e-mail emma.edwards@curo-group.co.uk)

Bristol Water0800 801 011

Wessex Water0345 600 4600 (08.00 to 18.00)

Neighbourhood Watch

We are developing an e-mail group for all NHW co-ordinators in the village and this is allowing alerts to be passed to co-ordinators quickly, for onward cascade to their watch groups.  The following alerts have been shared.

There appears to have been some activity from cold callers and perhaps theft in the village this month (August 2016).  A woman has been visiting properties at the east end of the village saying that she is either carrying out a survey related to food or representing some food supplier.  There also appears to have been some unauthorized access to fields and in one case, theft of garden/agricultural equipment.  Drive tarmacing people may also be passing through the village.

So the word is, as always, keep your valuable equipment, including bikes, well secured, perhaps chained to the floor or an immovable part of your shed.  Advice on suitable security measures can be obtained from the police.  Ideally, do not buy, or donate to charities with people who turn up at your door.  Donate at charity shops.  There are plenty of these.  Display our “no cold callers” sticker at the entrance to your property and at your front door.  With these in place bona fide cold callers are required by law to leave you in peace. Stickers are obtainable from me, or at libraries.

Nailsea appears to have reported 188 events in July, 44 of which turned out to be crimes.  They had 14 shop thefts and 26 occurrences of anti-social behavior.  Clevedon made 314 phone calls of which 68 were crimes, 2 burglaries and one attempted, 5 shop thefts and 17 occurrences of anti-social behavior.

Finally, keep an eye out for your neighbours as well as yourselves.  Report anything suspicious on the phone by dialing 101, or if you think a crime is actually in progress ring 999.

Stay safe and secure.

John Rose-Neighbourhood Watch Chairman  



Tickenham Boules Knock Out Challenge

Saturday afternoon 10th September at the Ring o’ Bells, Nailsea.  Churches, organisations and individuals may enter teams of four.  No need to know the rules, we will keep it simple and fun!  BBQ and raffle.  Trophies and prizes. Further information and entry form from Vena on 01275 856289


Tickenham Church SUMMER FAYRE  celebrated our Patronal Festival and was held Saturday 11th June at Tickenham Court.  Fun, games, great stalls, chicken chuckin’, live music, cream teas – all the fun of the fair was much enjoyed.  Watch out for the 2017 date!


Our usually calm and peaceful church must have been wondering what was happening on Friday 22nd April when the HARRY BROWNS arrived!  They  certainly livened things up with their sea shanties and jovial banter.  One minute they were larking about with idle chat, the next they were straight into another roof-raiser – and wow! did they raise the roof!  We all did our best to sing along once we had caught the words – it was thoroughly entertaining and very good fun.  Huge thanks to them for offering this concert with no fee in order to help with the  West Window Appeal.  Thank goodness the roof ultimately remained in tact!

Jumble Sale Saturday February 6th

Don’t forget it is the first Tickenham Flower Show jumble sale. Doors open at 2pm. If you have any quality jumble, please bring it along in the morning.

All proceeds go to the Tickenham Flower Show to help fund this annual village event.