Training in how to use the defibrillator confidently will be held on Thursday 4th May 2017 at the Village Hall at 7.30 p.m.  Although clear instructions are given when the defibrillator box is opened, this training will help you feel more confident and could be crucial in saving a life.    You never know when you might have to use the equipment – it has been used on several occasions – so please come and find out how to use this valuable resource.


It may never happen – BUT what if an aeroplane dropped from the sky, or we had very severe weather for a week with no electricity?  Well, we hope Tickenham will be prepared!  With the help of North Somerset Council, a ‘Community Resilience Plan’ has been put together with five teams to look after Flood, Feeding, Rest Centre & Welfare, Evacuation & Transport and Safety.  The teams will work with the Emergency Services to provide care and support for our residents.  Information about the Plan will be circulated to every house with the June Parish Magazine.  In the meantime, if you would like more information or to offer your assistance, please get in touch with Vena Prater on 01275 856289


There will be patriotic music, singing and fun at Tickenham Church on SATURDAY 22nd APRIL when we celebrate St George’s Day.  Music by Clevedon Brass, singing led by Sarah Bridal and if we’re lucky a sketch of St  George slaying that fierce, fire-breathing dragon!  Everybody very welcome to come along and join in.  Flags for waving will be provided as will refreshments and drinks.  Just £10, children free.  Please book in advance to help with catering.  Ring Vena on 07740 085 015

Tickenham Church Events

Dates for diaries:

  • Summer Fair – Saturday 17th June 2017
  • Harvest Supper – Saturday 16th September 2017
  • Christmas Cheer – Saturday 9th December 2017

Watch this space for details nearer the time!

Tickenham Parish Council signs up to the Parish Recycling Scheme


North Somerset Council’s Parish Recycling Scheme offers local councils part of a £120,000 pot to encourage them to boost their recycling rates. Tickenham is one of the latest councils to join the scheme.

We all need to think more about recycling. The Parish council needs to send a positive message to residents about recycling and is 100% behind the scheme.

The recycling scheme also includes events and involving local groups and Tickenham School is keen to be involved.

It is very likely that the North Somerset display vehicle will come to the March Village Market, giving residents more information about recycling. The roadshow will also provide the opportunity to bring small electrical items and small pieces of furniture to a local venue, as opposed to going to the recycling centre. These items will then be donated to a local charity.

Recycling pledge forms have been sent to every Tickenham household and we hope that everyone in Tickenham will show their support for the scheme and pledge to work harder at recycling.

Thank you.

Tickenham Parish Council


Answering a plea in the Tickenham Parish Magazine, a trio of aspirant bell ringers (John and Mandy Banks and Alan Burnell) are “learning the ropes”, literally, on a six week training course to master (or to try to master) the basics of bell ringing. Please note the word “basics” as the craft is somewhat complicated to beginners.  The hope is that the bells at Tickenham Church will be able to be rung on required occasions as they have over the centuries.

Some facts about the bells in Tickenham Church:

  • The largest bell weighs over 14cwt (almost ¾ton) about the weight of a family car
  • The bells are old:
  • They were rehung on ball bearing in 1933
  • The youngest bell was placed in the church tower in 1882 (weighing in at 11cwt)
  • The oldest bell (rung for every practice session) is dated 1632 (weighing in at 6cwt)
  • In summary, Tickenham Church has 1 x 16 Century bell, 2 x 17 Century bells and 3 x 18 Century bells. Makes one feel quite young.

Like all bells rung in England, the Tickenham bells are rung through a full turn (360º) for each bell ring (English-style ringing) – they start upside down!

The bringing together of the aspirant trio was organised by the persistence and energy of Tim Laycock and is being hands on managed by Jan Wyatt.

If you would like to know more about becoming a bellringer, please contact Clare on 01275 853978