If you need assistance with anything Tickenham Parish Council is able to help We can assist with

  • Shopping
  • Collecting medications
  • Or just a phone chat if you’re feeling low Just ring one of the following:

John Banks 07778 519983 Pam Trenchard 856234 Ann Loader 07443 598877 Mike Perrott / Lesley Hudswell 854160 Vena Prater 07740 085015

and we will arrange for someone to contact you.

OUR PAVEMENTS NEED HELP! Over the past few months more and more people have been out walking. This has drawn attention to the overgrown pavements throughout the village. The pavements are narrow at the best of times so when weeds grow against your property boundaries and shrubs hang over the paths they become almost impassable and people have had to step into the road. That is scary! We are appealing to you to do your bit for the community by clearing any weeds and debris on the pavement by your boundary and cutting back any overhanging shrubs and trees. This will be much appreciated by your fellow Tickenham residents. Thank you. Tickenham Parish Council