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Tickenham Village - The official site for Tickenham Village, North Somerset

Security Advice

With the main holiday season nearly upon us, police would like to remind all members of the following:

. Try to make your home look occupied even when it is not – using lights or a radio on a “talk” station set on a timer can help to make it look as though you are in;

. Consider asking a neighbour to open and close curtains that are usually drawn on a daily basis;

. If you are normally in the habit of parking a car on your driveway, when going away on holiday try to arrange for a neighbour to park their vehicle in its place;

. Remember to cancel regular deliveries.
If you have information about any crime, phone the police on 101 or you can call anonymously to the independent charity CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111.  For general information about Neighbourhood Watch nationally see the www.ourwatch.org.uk website.

Police Alert

Occupants of a white transit van reg. number believed to be EF55 TMZ are strongly suspected of being involved in thefts from farms across Somerset.

Any sightings please ring 101 or 999 in an emergency.

Neighbourhood Watch

There has been a spate of incidents where victims have been contacted by telephone by unknown persons purporting to be police officers.  The victims are given various stories but essentially they are being asked to either provide bank details, or to obtain cash from their bank.  In particular this cash is then being collected by taxi drivers and ferried to London.

One incident that occurred recently in Somerset came to light because the taxi driver was suspicious about the package he was asked to collect and take to London.  He opened the package to find several thousand pounds in cash and immediately called the police.

Police wish to emphasise that they would never contact people by telephone and ask for their bank details, or for them to take cash from their bank. Likewise organisations such as banks, utilities etc would never ask for such information.

Please remind members that they should never give any personal details to strangers over the phone, by Email/internet or at the door.  It is important that vulnerable members of our communities are reminded of this.

If you have any suspicions surrounding matters of his type of incident please ensure that you contact the police straight away on the 101 number, or if you think it is an emergency situation, call 999.

For general information about Neighbourhood Watch nationally see the www.ourwatch.org.uk website.


Each year suggestions are invited from Tickenham residents for a project which would be of benefit to the whole village and which might be funded initially by the Jean Burrows Fund.  This year an idea has been put forward for a community mini-bus.  The bus could be available for individuals or organisations to hire, with an approved driver, for such things as visits, outings, theatre trips, shopping, even going to the airport – the choice is yours.

So far a small group has considered the idea but we need more information and the purpose of this questionnaire is to find out the likely support.  It’s no good having a mini-bus if nobody wants to use it!!  There’s obviously a lot to think about, so in order for the Parish Council to consider the proposal in more detail, we would be grateful if you would let us have your thoughts, e.g. would you support the idea in principle, would you use the bus and how often, could you help with the planning and/or be involved in running a scheme?  Please respond to Vena at as soon as possible.  Thank you.