Tickenham Road Action Group

The Tickenham Road Action Group has been formed by Tickenham residents to influence authorities in the development of new road schemes impacting Tickenham village.

The objective of the Tickenham Road Action Group (TRAG) is to promote a safe and healthy living environment for the residents and road users of Tickenham, through:

  • Reviewing and assessing the impact of transport proposals from NSC and related bodies on the village of Tickenham and provide representation at consultation and statutory forums.
  • Ensure that proposed plans (e.g. Local Plan, Transport Plan etc.) consider the wider transport needs, options and routes (e.g. key transport corridors between towns, cities, motorways and airports) when identifying transport proposals impacting Tickenham Village.

These objectives are to be achieved by concerted Group action of meetings, petitions, press communications and any other legal means deemed necessary.