Tickenham Church and the Parish Council are planning a special service on 11th November to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the WW1 armistice.  We would like to make a cascade of poppies.  Down the church tower would be wonderful – but we will need hundreds, if not thousands, of poppies!   PLEASE HELP BY KNITTING OR CROCHETING as many as you can.  Please ask friends, relatives, colleagues, anybody you know, to help.  Even put it on Facebook!  The WI are already helping and the Christ Church, Nailsea,  craft group have offered to help too.

Here is a very easy knitting pattern:

You need red DK wool and 4mm needles
Cast on 60 stitches and knit 8 rows
Then knit two together across the next 3 rows
Then cut the wool off with about 8” left attached; thread it through a needle and thread the needle through all the stitches removing the knitting needle. Pull up so that the piece curls up.   Sew up into a crinkly circle.

For the centre: With black, cast on 15 stitches and knit one row.  Thread the wool through the stitches as above.  Pull into a circle, sew up and attach to the middle of the poppy.  Leave the woollen threads attached so that the poppies can be attached to a net.

More details of the commemoration later but for now it’s poppies all the way! PLEASE, PLEASE HELP.  We owe so much to those who suffered and gave their lives in that awful war: knitting a few poppies is the least we can do.  Poppies can be delivered/sent to 36 Clevedon Road, BS21 6RA

Thank you.