Tickenham Parish Council signs up to the Parish Recycling Scheme


North Somerset Council’s Parish Recycling Scheme offers local councils part of a £120,000 pot to encourage them to boost their recycling rates. Tickenham is one of the latest councils to join the scheme.

We all need to think more about recycling. The Parish council needs to send a positive message to residents about recycling and is 100% behind the scheme.

The recycling scheme also includes events and involving local groups and Tickenham School is keen to be involved.

It is very likely that the North Somerset display vehicle will come to the March Village Market, giving residents more information about recycling. The roadshow will also provide the opportunity to bring small electrical items and small pieces of furniture to a local venue, as opposed to going to the recycling centre. These items will then be donated to a local charity.

Recycling pledge forms have been sent to every Tickenham household and we hope that everyone in Tickenham will show their support for the scheme and pledge to work harder at recycling.

Thank you.

Tickenham Parish Council