Tickenham Parish Council are inputting into the North Somerset Council Revision of Rights of Way Improvement Plan for the parish of Tickenham.

As part of this process, the Parish Council is working on the submission and will place the document on the Tickenham Village website for public consultation when it is suitably prepared.  The Council is in the process of agreeing the documentation to place on the website, and as this involves some potential new footpath links and discussions with landowners, this will not occur until after the Parish Council meeting planned for Thursday 9 July 2020.  

Please note the word “potential” in the paragraph above. We have no powers to “make new/revised footpaths or improvements happen” and will rely on the good will of landowners.

As stated above, the documentation is still being prepared, so, in the meantime, the current official public footpath map supplied by North Somerset Council is shown below.  We will update this page with our public consultation document after 9 July 2020.  There will be a couple of weeks available to comment, followed by collation of the consultation comments, prior to submission to North Somerset Council before 1 September 2020.

The Parish Council look forward to your comments when this page is updated after 9 July.