Answering a plea in the Tickenham Parish Magazine, a trio of aspirant bell ringers (John and Mandy Banks and Alan Burnell) are “learning the ropes”, literally, on a six week training course to master (or to try to master) the basics of bell ringing. Please note the word “basics” as the craft is somewhat complicated to beginners.  The hope is that the bells at Tickenham Church will be able to be rung on required occasions as they have over the centuries.

Some facts about the bells in Tickenham Church:

  • The largest bell weighs over 14cwt (almost ¾ton) about the weight of a family car
  • The bells are old:
  • They were rehung on ball bearing in 1933
  • The youngest bell was placed in the church tower in 1882 (weighing in at 11cwt)
  • The oldest bell (rung for every practice session) is dated 1632 (weighing in at 6cwt)
  • In summary, Tickenham Church has 1 x 16 Century bell, 2 x 17 Century bells and 3 x 18 Century bells. Makes one feel quite young.

Like all bells rung in England, the Tickenham bells are rung through a full turn (360º) for each bell ring (English-style ringing) – they start upside down!

The bringing together of the aspirant trio was organised by the persistence and energy of Tim Laycock and is being hands on managed by Jan Wyatt.

If you would like to know more about becoming a bellringer, please contact Clare on 01275 853978



Saturday 8th October:  We start from the Village Hall at 6.00 p.m. and trundle up to Cadbury Camp; we admire the view and the fantastic sunset and the children and dogs have a run around.  Then we wander back down to enjoy yummy bacon rolls and hot drinks.  Flares and glow sticks provided!  £5 donation in aid of the West Window Appeal.  Numbers to Vena please on 856289 or 07740 085 015 for catering purposes.

Neighbourhood Watch

We are developing an e-mail group for all NHW co-ordinators in the village and this is allowing alerts to be passed to co-ordinators quickly, for onward cascade to their watch groups.  The following alerts have been shared.

There appears to have been some activity from cold callers and perhaps theft in the village this month (August 2016).  A woman has been visiting properties at the east end of the village saying that she is either carrying out a survey related to food or representing some food supplier.  There also appears to have been some unauthorized access to fields and in one case, theft of garden/agricultural equipment.  Drive tarmacing people may also be passing through the village.

So the word is, as always, keep your valuable equipment, including bikes, well secured, perhaps chained to the floor or an immovable part of your shed.  Advice on suitable security measures can be obtained from the police.  Ideally, do not buy, or donate to charities with people who turn up at your door.  Donate at charity shops.  There are plenty of these.  Display our “no cold callers” sticker at the entrance to your property and at your front door.  With these in place bona fide cold callers are required by law to leave you in peace. Stickers are obtainable from me, or at libraries.

Nailsea appears to have reported 188 events in July, 44 of which turned out to be crimes.  They had 14 shop thefts and 26 occurrences of anti-social behavior.  Clevedon made 314 phone calls of which 68 were crimes, 2 burglaries and one attempted, 5 shop thefts and 17 occurrences of anti-social behavior.

Finally, keep an eye out for your neighbours as well as yourselves.  Report anything suspicious on the phone by dialing 101, or if you think a crime is actually in progress ring 999.

Stay safe and secure.

John Rose-Neighbourhood Watch Chairman  



Tickenham Boules Knock Out Challenge

Saturday afternoon 10th September at the Ring o’ Bells, Nailsea.  Churches, organisations and individuals may enter teams of four.  No need to know the rules, we will keep it simple and fun!  BBQ and raffle.  Trophies and prizes. Further information and entry form from Vena on 01275 856289