Tickenham Investment Club


TIC is a small club formed in 2000 whose main aim is to make its members rich.  It has so far failed in this but we live in hopes. In the meantime the Club provides interest, enjoyment and the opportunity to meet like minded people in convivial settings.


The purpose of the club is to invest members‘subscriptions in shares and to buy or sell those shares as the members decide. We usually have about 15 to 20 shares. We are limited by tax laws to 20 members but there are no other limits – male/female; young/old; rich/poor – all are welcome.


We meet once a month, usually at the Star Inn but sometimes in the village hall or members’ homes.  Meetings start at 7.30pm and usually last about 2 hours. At each meeting the treasurer produces a report detailing how much we are worth and the financial happenings of the past month. We then review our holdings and decide whether each share will be kept or sold. Members are then invited to suggest shares to buy and are encouraged to keep an eye on the financial press and use their experience and knowledge to help them in this.

When a share is bought a member offers to monitor that share  – its price movement, any news about the company, analysts’ views – and this information is brought to each meeting to help us decide the share’s fate – do we sell, retain, buy more? Before the meeting the secretary circulates the agenda. After the meeting the minutes and the financial report are circulated so members unable to attend can be kept informed.

Each year in the Spring we have a short AGM before the regular meeting, where we review the year and make any basic changes to the rules. We also elect the officials for the forthcoming year.


There is a Chairman to run the meetings, a Secretary to record decisions, a Treasurer to control the flow of cash and to produce the monthly report, and a Stop-loss monitor who produces a report showing the price movements of each share over a period. Both the last officials have software that helps them in their tasks. There are also members deputed to actually buy and sell the shares. While all this may sound complicated it actually runs quite easily.

Social Activities

These started out as just a Christmas dinner but have grown to become a significant aspect of the Club’s activities. There is usually a weekend away – often in England (e.g. Cornwall, Wales) but sometimes we are more adventurous – Rome, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin. This weekend is usually in February or March when hotel prices are at their lowest.  The weekend will always include a semi-formal dinner on the Saturday evening. Members pay their own costs.

We also have an annual (non-strenuous) sporting challenge – different sports, often pub based or nearby – and occasional outings. We have visited Bath races a couple of times and had wine-tasting visits.

All social activities, including weekends away, are open to spouses/partners and, where appropriate, to children as well. In 2010 we celebrated our 10th anniversary with a barbecue where we invited all past members.

To sum it up it’s all about having fun!! If you are ever interested please contact Paul Keen on 07540 756959 accepting that vacancies do not often arise.