Local Plan Choices Consultation

The North Somerset Local Plan Choices Consultation is currently active and will close on 14th December.

This consultation asks for views on where an additional 15K of houses should be sited within North Somerset. There are four options for distributing the homes across North Somerset: one option to retain the Green Belt and three options where housing is placed on the Green Belt.

You can view the TRAG consultation response at: Local Plan Choices consultation response – (trag.org.uk)

You can participate in the Choices Consultation here:


Local Plan Challenges Consultation

As we earlier advised North Somerset Council are creating a new Local Plan.  The Local Plan will guide housing, jobs and business investment, transport, community facilities and supporting infrastructure in the area until 2038.

This first stage of Local Plan consultation focuses on the challenges NSC believe we face in North Somerset and the issues the plan needs to address. The online consultation will run until  Wednesday 2 September 2020 at www.n-somerset.gov.uk/newlocalplan

You can view the TRAG response to the consultation at: http://www.trag.org.uk

We urge you to also individually respond to give weight to the issues further development will have on Tickenham Village.

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North Somerset Local Plan

Since the news we published in the March magazine about the Council’s decision effectively to scrap JLTP 4 North Somerset Council have announced plans to issue a new Local Plan which will cover housing, business investment, transport and infrastructure until 2038. They anticipate it will take three years to produce but there will be various stages of consultation during the preparation in which we will be involved. You can register a wish to be involved in the consultation individually by going to https://www.n-somerset.gov.uk/my-services/planning-building-control/planningpolicy/local-plan/new-local-plan/about-the-local-plan/ or just let us know your views so that we can take them on board. The initial stage closed in April and the next ‘consultation’ stage is expected to be in June/July. We are already in touch with the appropriate Council officer to see how we can best be further involved in the whole consultation process. There will be a strategic approach to the preparation of the Local Plan and our focus will be on looking at the best way, in the interest of the Village, to create necessary links between the areas of development and transport hubs.

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